Last updated on 15 December 2005.

The M1926 (m/26)

The M1926 helmet for the police. This is the helmet used with the police field uniform of WWII. Below left is a close-up of the police emblem, and below right the grey interior of the helmet.


The M1937 (m/37)

A mortar crew with m/37 helmets, sometime before 1942, when the national emblem decal was introduced.

The M1954 (m/54)

The M1954 is the parade version of the M1937 helmet. It exists in two versions: the first is made of aluminium, the second of plastic. Both have the same liner.

The M1954 helmet features a white leather chinstrap with leather chincup. The national emblem is worn on both sides of the helmet. This is the early, aluminium version. The shell is stamped with three crowns and 69.

The M1990 (Hjälm 90)

M1990 helmet (Hjälm 90) with liner 90 (Hjälminredning 90). The helmet is made by Courtaulds of the U.K. The material is Para-Aramid.

M1990-02 helmet (Hjälm 90) with liner 02 (Hjälminredning 02). The new liner is made by the Norwegian company Cato Ringstad AS.

The manual for this helmet and liner can be found here.

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