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The M1926 helmet with unknown type of head lamp. A long hook under the lamp secures it under the helmet rim. The battery box is marked with the Civil Defence emblem (In colour below right). The lamp uses a IEC 3R12 battery (4,5 V). The small round window on the box is a second lamp. The battery box can be attached to a button, with the leather prong, or with a metal clip. Manufacturer is GEAB, Sweden.


M1926 (No decals = Civil Defence) with Pannlampa 4 (Head lamp 4) for medics. The lamp can be used directly on the head, with the three hooks buttoned up. The battery box is attached to the front buttons of the jacket.

Swedish M1937 with net of the first type. First spotted in 1954 pictures.

Manual for the M1937 helmet with Liner 1.

Compare this net to similar nets here.

And here is the second Swedish net, introduced in 1956. Secured on the helmet by two hooks and a drawstring.

Compare this net to similar nets here.

Swedish M1937-65 with M1960 cover of the second type, with velcro instead of buttons for securing the 'veil' in folded or unfolded position. The veil's purpose is to provide some NBC protection. The peak is in the correct position. In photos you often see it folded uppwards and secured under the veil, as many soldiers found the peak obstructing. Myself being a cavalry soldier, I remember that habit was considered common, and  consequently punished...

This cover is stamped "1963 CBV".
Veil down.
These pictures show details of the two different types of the M1960 cover: The first type with buttons, and the second type with velcro.

M1937 with Military Police band. The band is made of white fluorescent material with a yellow band sewn onto it. It has two metal hooks, at the same place as the chinstrap, to attach it to the helmet. A string and small buckle at the back, make it fit all helmet sizes.

Swedish M1990 with cover "Hjälmdok 90" of the first type, with downfoldable 'veil'. The veil was discontinued after only a couple of years. The covers come in the three sizes S, M and L.

The cover is shown on a helmet with Liner 90.

Veil down. The small picture shows the label on the inside of the cover. It is manufactured in Tunisia.

Reverse side of the M1990 cover.

This is the second type of cover for the M1990 helmet. It seems like this type was introduced in 1997. The 'veil' or 'balaclava' has been discontinued, but otherwise the cover is unaltered. This cover is also made in Tunisisia.


The cover is shown on a helmet with Liner 02.

Reverse side of the cover.

Reversible Peace keeper cover for the M1990 helmet. This cover has no labels or stamps.
Reverse side. There are no bands for holding foliage.

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