Last updated on 13 May 2007.

A M1950 helmet with a "woodland" (Pantera?) cover. There is one foliage loop on each side of the helmet, and each loop has three slots. Attached with a drawstring. I am told that this is actually not an official Polish item, but a recent fabrication by som industrious militaria merchant. This item is also to be found in desert camouflage.

M1950 with cover for the naval infantry. The pattern is known as "Moro". It is stamped JW 1661 inside.

Close-up of the emblem:

The M1963 parachutist helmet, here with a cover made from parachute material under the standard net.

The M1967-75 with net. The net has a sniper veil in front. These nets come in different shades of green. This one is apple green. Another one of mine is light olive drab. These kind of nets are seen on all types of Polish post WWII steel helmets.

The M1993 (wz/93) with Pantera camouflage cover.

Here is another variant, made of water-proof material. Tha label says that it is intended for the M2000 helmet. The covers come in different sizes, where 1 is the smallest, and 3 the largest.

Yet another variant for the M2000. This time with an elastic black band, and concealable reflective patches. Made by the company Lubawa S.A. The material is water-repellant.

This is the desert camouflage cover used on the Polish M2000. The soldier has written his blood group (0 Rh+) and name (Jarek) on the back of the cover.

Another variant of the desert cover, made by Lubawa S.A. It is made out of water-repellant material.