I use the designation syntax Myyyy (E.g, M1962) regardless of official syntax. When I do not know the year I use the manufacturer's designation (E.g, B826). When I do not know even that, I just create my own name  ;)

Camouflage patterns sometime have official designations, sometimes not. Sometimes they have collectors' designations, more or less agreed upon, and sometimes the designations are just as many and as fanciful as are the people of the collecting community. The collecting of camouflage uniforms and items is a discipline of its own, and I try to consult the various camouflage collecting home pages on the Internet.

As time goes by, new nations appear and old ones disappear. This is especially obvious in the recent history of eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics of Asia. The new nations have continued to use equipment from the old nations, and it is not always easy to decide if a certain item shall be regarded as, for example, Yugoslavian or Serbian. I confess that I am often inconsistent in this regard :)  I can only hope that the collectors of these countries may forgive me.