Last updated on 20 December 2009.

The typical brown net, that was used in post WWII Norway. This is the net that preceded the M1965 net. Here shown on an M1935 helmet.

M1965 net for the M1958 helmet. The net is held in place by an elastic cord. Note that the net is woven, not knit. This makes it different from the similar Austrian net.

A helmet mounted lamp for various Norwegian helmets. It is held in place by a band with three adjustable hooks. The lamp is of exactly the same type as the Swedish Civil Defence helmet lamp, but this one is made by the Pertrix firm. I do not know whether it is made in Germany or by the Swedish branch.
The leather backing of the lamp is stamped "S.F.", which might stand for "Sivilforsvaret" (Civil Defence). But, then again, it might not.


This picture shows the battery box, that also is a flashlight, that can be disconnected and used separately. It has two leather prongs to attach it to the front buttons of a jacket. The battery box is marked "NR 199 M" Pertrix S.F.".

In the last years of service, the three-colour scrim (dark brown, dark green and light green), held in place by the M1965 net was a common camouflage on the M1958 helmet. This specimen seems to have sat in a locker most of the time.

Cover for the Norwegian Schuberth 826 (M1994?) helmet. It has three elastic foliage bands and is reversible. Attached to the helmet with a drawstring. '01' on the shield on the label indicates contract or production year. The camouflage pattern was introduced with the M1975 field uniform.

Reverse side of the cover above.

Another variant, but with four elastic foliage bands. The only label on this cover is a white size tag.

The reverse side of this variant has four foliage bands too.

A third variant of this type of cover. This time with thin, black elastic bands for attaching foliage.

The cover is secured on the helmet with an elastic cord with a spring lock.

A fourth variant is this cover without foliage bands. Here on the new Soldat 2000 (Soldier 2000) helmet (Or M2000, my designation). Drawstring attachment as the others.

I show this cover as a curiousity. It is made for the PASGT helmet and is secured on the helmet just by threading the 3-point chinstrap through four slits in the cover. I suspect this was made for paintball and airsoft players.

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