Last updated on 19 December 2009.

Dutch M1953 with scrim (kakhi and olive drab) and British type net. Everything held in place by a piece of inner tubing.

The UN cover for the M1953 helmet, with UN emblem front, and UN lettering left and right.

The DPM cover for the M1953 helmet. Here shown on a U.S. M1. This cover has four tongues, that fold between the steel shell and the liner. The small picture shows the label.

Desert tri-colour cover for the M1953 helmet, with foliage slits. It has the standard four tounges.

A textile cover in the jungle camouflage pattern for the M1953, with foliage slits. Made by the Belgian firm Seyntex. The cover has four tounges, that fold in between the shell and the liner. The small sticker below right, is found on each of the four parts of the cover. I looked up the NSN, and it says "Overtrek, helm, cam".


M1995 (Schuberth B826) with the 1st type of DPM cover. This type has foliage slots (Reinforced on the inside with an extra layer of cloth), and can be used with a Neopren cat-eyes band of U.S. type. There is no label in the cover.

The manual for the 826 helmet can be found here.

This picture shows how a Dutch cat-eyes band is stamped.

This is the 2nd type of cover for the M1995 helmet. It is secured by an elastic cord. The colours are just like those of the cover below, it is just that this picture is taken without flash, and the one below with flash. Typical label in the small picture.

DPM cover of the 3rd type. Secured on the helmet by a rubber rim. Below is a typical label.

The tri-colour desert camouflage cover. Note that it is the same pattern as the tri-colour U.S. desert pattern.

Goggles to be used with the M1995 helmet. These goggles come with a set of three lenses: dark, clear, and yellow. Note that they are very wide, so that they can be worn while still attached to the back of the helmet. They also have a low profile, and the upper curvature fits the front rim of the helmet perfectly. They can easily be worn with ordinary glasses (I have tested it). These are very good goggles. They are marked B.F. MVD.

M1995 with U.N. cover. The cover has a vertical loop in the back (Small picture below), possibly for securing goggles.

Snow camouflage cover for the M1995. The soldier has added a little dash-and-dot art in the front, and his/hers initials (KS) in the back. The small picture shows the label of this particular cover.

Cover for the Koninklijke Marechaussee, which is a police organisation within the armed forces, responsible for guarding for example airports and railway stations. The cover is a very dark blue colour.

The jungle camouflage pattern. This is is a Size L cover on a size M helmet, that is why it does not look so good...

The camouflage pattern used by the Royal Marines is similar to the U.S. woodland pattern. This cover is size S, and I have no size S helmet to show it on. If someone has a size S 826 helmet for sale, please contact me!

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