Last updated on 20 December 2009.

Italian postwar M1933 with cover. A neck flap can be attached with buttons, hidden by the small flap at the right. The picture below shows the cover with the neck flap attached.

Another cover for the M1933 helmet. Drawstring attachment. 1950's - 1960's.

A cover made for the San Marco Battalion in the 1950's. 1st model. Drawstring attachment. This actual cover is very small. Note the foliage slits and the reinforcements above the chinstrap bails.

Dark brown net for the M1933 helmet. Used from WWII onwards.

The sand coloured cover was never issued to any troops. It is still to be had in mint condition in large quantities. The stamps inside differ from single numerals, as seen below, to unit and arsenal stamps.

Here is a beautiful Bersaglieri M1933 helmet from the 1950's - 1960's, with the black cockerel plume. The pictures below show the plume holder on the helmet (left), and unmounted (right). The small button on the leather is for securing the plumes in the holder.

The standard "woodland" cover for the SEPT 2 helmet. This one has seen some honest use. Two examples of labels can be seen below.


Italian SEPT 2 with mediterranean pattern cover for the San Marco Battalion. It is a beautiful pattern.

The desert pattern cover. The censored text on the cover's label says: "CONTRATTO No 43949 DEL 16/11/92".