Last updated on 4 August 2009.

This is an Israeli OR 201 helmet with an original IDF issue cover. The large label can be seen in detail below.

I have placed the 6 velcro straps around the headband so they can be seen clearly.


There is some handwriting around the elastic band.

The reverse of the cover has piece, that can be used to loosen up the helmet's contour. It has more reddish colours.

Here is a U.S. PASGT helmet cover, used by an Israeli soldier on an OR 201 type helmet.

What is that stamp? DRMO?

All the covers below are commercially available covers.

This is an Israeli OR 402 aramid helmet with one of many types of camouflage covers. This one has an elastic band for attaching foliage. It also has two velcro straps for securing equipment, like goggles or night vision goggles. It is secured on the helmet by means of a drawstring. There is also a single-sided version of this cover.

This particular helmet is a helmet used for trials by the Canadian armed forces. It has had its original 3-point chinstrap removed and replaced by a PASGT type, 2-point one.

  Label, on the outside of the cover.

Reverse side of the cover above.

The "Mitznefet" (Clown) helmet cover is designed to break up the contour of the helmet. Photos of Israeli soldiers show that this cover is worn on top of the ordinary cover. It shall not go over the rim of the helmet. The cover has a green side (left) and a brown (below).

Another cover. This time fastened with six velcro straps.

And the reverse side of the above.

A similar cover to that above, but without yellow spots. Shown on an OR 201 helmet.

  The label.

This picture shows the reverse side of the cover. It is just hanged loose over the helmet to show the velcro straps.