Last updated on 16 March 2008.

The green cover was introduced in the 1970's. Today Hungarian peacekeeping forces have used these. In Bosnia, they would sometimes be seen with SFOR patches sewn on. The cover is held in place by an elastic cord.

An M1950 helmet with a cover made from a uniform (The unbleached area, where a pocket was before, is clearly visible to the left.). There is quite some wear around the rim of the helmet, indicating that the cover has seen some good use. Is it an official issue item, or a privately made one?

Cover of the M1949/82 pattern. These covers have been used since 1982 by paratroopers and border guard troops.

An M1950-70 helmet with M90 cover with foliage slots. Note the relatively dark colours. It is secured on the helmet by means of an elastic cord.

Here is a variant of the M90 cover. This time made of rip-stop material.