Last updated on 17 August 2005.

Doublesided cover for the M1942 and M1942-79 (Modelo Z), with drawstring attachment.

Reverse side of the cover above.

A singlesided cover for the M1965 helmet. Drawstring attachment. These covers were used by the COES (Companias Operaciones Especiales), Special Operations.

This cover has the same design as the one above, and the same camouflage pattern as the one below. The wear around the edge clearly shows that it has sat on an M65 helmet. It has a drawstring.

Cover for the Spanish M1965 helmet, used by the Marines. The cover has six tounges, just like the U.S. M1 covers. Below is the label of another of these covers (The text reads: "Armada Española, Induyco, España, A28/057388, 1984, 50% Poliester, 50% Algodon". The reverse side of the label contains washing instructions.

This is how these covers were delivered to the navy. It is interesting that the text on the bag says that it is for the M-1 helmet, a helmet no longer in use when this cover was introduced:

Cover for the Marte helmet. It has an elastic cord and three velcro straps for securing it on the helmet. The same arrangement is used on the Belgian covers for the Schuberth 826 helmet. The UN cover shown on the Belgian page may in fact be a Spanish cover.
Photo above is a Marte II helmet, photo below a Marte III.

Size stamp inside the cover:

Photo of Marte III helmet with mint condition cover courtesy of Jan Nowak.