Last updated on 4 August 2009.

Danish M1948 helmet with net of a type similar to the U.S. Type 1.

Compare this net with similar nets here.

Note rivet attachment of chinstrap. Plastic liner indicates late production.

M1948 with helmet band for medics with four red crosses. Two loops go round the chinstrap to hold the band in place. The band is stamped on the reverse side with a Danish crown and "FMI 1963".

This is the early variant of the M1996 cover with drawstring. These early covers where made in Denmark. It has the M1984 camouflage pattern.

The Danish Gallet helmet (M1996) with M1996 cover with rubber rim.

Variant for medics. It has four detachable Red Cross patches, attached with velcro (hook and pile). The horizontal foliage band has a gap in the front and the back for the patches. The side patches are sewn over the band, though. Note that the NSN has 14 (France), instead of 22 (Denmark)! The helmets themselves also have 14.


The desert variant is the M2003 cover. This is the M1999 camouflage pattern.

The U.N. cover.