Last updated on 20 December 2009.

Here is a collection of German police decals, used on the M1935-53 and M1953 helmets.


First pattern Bayern decal, worn on both sides of the helmet.
Second pattern Bayern decal, worn on left side of the helmet only.
Third pattern Bayern decal, also only worn on the left side.


Hamburg decal, worn on the left side of the helmet.
National colours, worn on the right side of the Hamburg police helmet.


Baden-Württemberg decal, worn on the left side only.

Liner for the M1956 helmet or "zweiteiligen Stahlhelm" (Two-part steel helmet). This liner has a chinstrap similar to that of the Model 1A1 steel helmet instead of the normal narrow leather chinstrap. The two pictures below show a detail of the chinstrap holder (Left), and the chinstrap (Left). In the last picture, part of the white manufacturer stamp is visible: "H.R.N. 58" (Hans Römer, Neu-Ulm, 1958).

White M1956 with Red Cross decal in front. The liner (below) is stamped "SW", which would stand for Schuberthwerke. These helmets were used by the German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, DRK) and for civil defence.

Below follow some pictures of the Modell 34 A 01 by company Busch/VDN. This model was one of the contenders for the current German ballistic helmet. After trials the contract went to the Schuberth firm with its now well known B 826 model.


The gloss plastic parade helmet. It has a M-1 liner style liner and leather chinstrap.


The matt paint version is used for funerals.


The 828 paratrooper helmet.

Close-up of the chinstrap catch.

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