(Western Germany 1949-1989, reunified Germany 1989-)

Last updated on 25 June 2008.

The green net for the M1935-53 helmet as used by the BGS (Bundesgrenzschutz). Secured by six metal hooks.

This is also a BGS cover. It has seven foliage loops. The pattern is called Sumpftarn.

Ventless M1953 BGS helmet with Manöverband or Helmband. The band has a red side and a yellow side. The back part is elastic, and it is secured on the helmet by means of three aluminium hooks, that sit on white elastic cords.

This picture shows the elastic section of the band, as well as the yellow side.

Aftermarket cover for the M1956 (M-1 clone) helmet. The design of the cover is exactly like that of the U.S.  M-1 cover. I show it as a curiosity.

The Stahlhelm Modell 1A1 (M1959 and M1960) with net, secured on the helmet with seven (Or six) large hooks. This type of net was introduced in 1961.

According to Baer, 500 where made of this reversible trial cover for the Model 1A1. The material is plastic-coated fabric, with the fabric side white and olive, and the plastic side olive.  The cover is held in place by an elastic cord. The stamp can be seen below.

This is the reverse side of the cover above.

This is a reversible "Amoeba" camouflage cover on a M1A1. The cover is reversible and has an "autumn" side (Seen here) and a "spring" side (Seen below). It is held in place by an elastic drawstring.

No camouflage covers where issued by the Bundeswehr until the Flecktarn cover was introduced in 1991. Different covers where however made locally and used by individuals.

Unofficial (Aftermarket) Flecktarn cover for the Model 1A1. Held in place by an elastic cord.

A similar unofficial cover, but in the early lighter colours. This one has a washing label with the text 'Made in Germany', which I find curious. M1A1 helmets where exported to Iran, but did they include covers? In that case, this could be one of them. In fact, this cover sat on a helmet that may be a former Iranian helmet.

The M1A1 with Flecktarn cover, introduced in 1991.

The same cover as above. Reverse side. The white colour is quite thick. Note that a genuine cover for the West German steel helmets is marked with an "S" (="Stahlhelm") and a size number on the white side.

German B826 with Flecktarn cover. Note the different position of the foliage bands as compared to the steel helmet cover.

The same cover as above. Reverse side. Note that a genuine cover for the German Aramid helmets is marked with an "G" (="Gefechtshelm") and a size number on the white side (See the small picture. The stamp is very faint on this cover, but i have tried to enhance the picture to make it legible).

This is the UN cover for the German B826.

Amber helmet mounted beacon (Helmblinkleuchte), held in place by three elastic bands with metal hooks. The bands and the plastic lower part of the beacon (Holds two 1,5 V batteries) are a dark olive green. The manufacturer is CEAG, and the NSN is 6230-12-140-6063. This is one of the more odd helmet accessories.

(My cat passes by in behind)

Desert Flecktarn cover with foliage loops. The "G" stamp inside shows that this is an Bundeswehr issue cover for the "Gefechtshelm".

Gefechtshelm reversible cover
A new reversible cover for the Gefechtshelm (B 826) with one side in Flecktarn and the reverse side in Wüstentarn. The Flecktarn side has foliage loop bands. The stamp can be seen below.

Gefechtshelm reversible cover
The reverse side of the cover. The inventory tag can be seen below.

This is probably a commercial item, made for paintball players etc.

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