Germany (III. Reich)

Last updated on 12 June 2006.

The Helmband 36 (Helmet band 36). The stamp shows that it has been used by the 74th infantry regiment. (The helmet is Norwegian)

I really do not know what kind of cover this is. It is probably of WWII origin. It is of the same type as the WWII Wehrmacht covers, with six diagonal foliage loops. The material is a greenish khaki coarse herringbone twill. It is secured on the helmet by means of a drawstring. Baer has a photo of a similar cover, but without foliage loops.

Fake Wehrmacht Heer splint camo cover. Made out of Zeltbahn material, and stone washed to look old and worn. It is double sided, with the inside colours brighter.

The Eastern front, the first winter 1940-41. German troops had to improvise snow camouflage. The war was not supposed to last into the winter... This is of course not a genuine cover, but a reconstruction I made myself from an old bedsheet, just like the soldiers would. And just like them, I used a piece of an inner tube to hold the thing in place.  Everything white (whiteish) would do: bedsheet, towels, tablecloths... I have even seen a picture, where a checkered tablecloth was used.