Last updated on 20 December 2009.

The Czech M1960 'Rain' pattern camouflage cover for the M1953 helmet. As is the case with the similar East German cover, it is the hood of the army parka, that doubles as helmet cover. This cover is still in use with the Slovak Army. Below is the stamp inside the hood.

This is also a parka hood, used as helmet cover. The camouflage pattern is the M1960 'Salamander'.

This is a dark olive drab M1985 cover of the same type as the one above. This cover is also still in use with the Slovak Army.

A helmet band, here shown on an M1953 with three-point nylon chinstrap.

This is the white Traffic Controller helmet cover. The blue insignia is printed on the front and the back of the cover.  The material is Nylon, and the cover is held in place by an elastic cord.