Last updated on 13 July 2006.

The gas protection cover for the Mk II helmet. It has a press-button for buttoning the cover around the neck, like a balaclava. The cover is made of soft plastic in two colours - brown and green. It is secured on the helmet by means of an elastic cord. The small picture below left, shows the manufacturers stamp inside the cover. The picture below right shows the Arrow stamp. These covers where used by the British as well.


The 2-coloured net for the Mk II helmet.

U.N. cover for PASGT helmets, on trial by Canadian peacekeeping forces in Yugoslavia in the early 1990's. Stamp below.

Canadian CG634 with (TW) CADPAT digital pattern cover. The cover has a peculiarly narrow neck flap, that can be unfold from a pocket. The neck flap is often removed by the soldiers. The pictures below show the cover from behind with the neck flap folded down, the snow version of the cover, and a close-up on the label of the Cadpat cover. The latter picture also shows two of the plastic prongs, used for securing the cover on the inside of the helmet. The prongs fit between the shell and the liner band.

You can find the manual for the CG634 helmet here, and its cover here.

There is also a black net, secured on the helmet with the same type of plastic prongs as the other covers.

The UN cover for the CG634.