Last updated on 4 August 2009.

Bulgarian M1951 with Splint or Water camouflage cover. These covers come in at least two different shades - one is lighter, the other darker.

Also note that the covers for the M1951 could also be worn on the M1936 helmets, since the latter helmets continued to be in use.

Another, very similar cover.

Bulgarian M51 border guard
The border guards cover for the M1951 helmet.

A cover made of loose weave, with a faint print in brown and two greens. The cover is circular in shape and is secured on the helmet by stuffing it between the liner steel band and the inner shell. Similar, or the same? covers were used by Soviet, and later, Russian, troops.

This is the cover for the current Bulgarian composite helmet. Here photographed on the very similar Schuberth 826. The Bulgarian helmets are made by Croatian-German company Šestan-Busch. The picture below shows the back of the cover, with the securing strap for goggles. The only label is a size tag.


For international peace-keeping missions, there is a desert pattern cover.