Last updated on 19 December 2009.

The light brown net for the Australian Mk III helmet. Here shown on a Canadian Mk I.

"Salad" type cover for the Australian M1961 helmet. It is reversible, with an olive green, and a brown side. The texture is a little rougher than that of the French "salade". It is secured on the helmet with four wire hooks.

This cover is made of a piece of cloth that has been fastened inside the helmet shell with black insulation tape.

This type of decal was used on the front of the liner of the M1961 helmet.

Cover for the M1991 helmet, secured on the helmet by eight velcro straps. Here shown on a U.S. PASGT helmet. Below is the stamp inside the cover.

Here is a similiar cover, but without the foliage bands. According to one source this may indicate that it was issued to the Royal Australian Air Force, but this still has to be confirmed. The year on the stamp is 199? (Maybe 1991).

The desert pattern. It is hard to see from this picture, but the pattern consists of five different shades of sand to brown. I have included a close-up below that maybe shows the pattern a little better.