Last updated on 20 December 2005.

Sand coloured cover with drawstring. Made of three pieces of material. The cover is shown on a Russian M1968 helmet.

Same type of cover, but with embroidered green text on its right side.

A green cover of the same design as those for the Yugoslavian M1959 helmet. Made of two pieces of cloth, and with for strings for attaching the cover to the liner. I have tried it on an Ssh 60 and an Ssh 68, but it fits poorly. To be honest, it does not fit very well on the Yugoslavian M1959 either... This must be one of the poorest cover designs ever, so why copy it?

Same type of cover, but with embroidered black text on its right side. Here shown on a M1968 helmet, and with the attachment strings hanging loose. Note that the cover has to be fitted reversed in order to get the text on the right (sic!) side of the helmet.

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